A Hunting We Will Go

house bannerI have more than a dozen properties on my “list” of possible homes to buy that may serve as a B&B. They all have something unique to offer, but deciding on those “must have’s” is crucial to this buying experience. Is it big enough? Old enough? Have enough acreage? Enough bathrooms? Charm? Can we afford it?

While touring these homes, I can tell if it has “good bones,” but there’s more to it than good bones.

Location truly matters, more than if we were only buying for our own primary residence. Is the neighborhood B&B friendly? What does that mean anyway? We’re talking more than zoning regulations. What is in the vicinity that attracts B&B’ers to the area in the first place? Is the surrounding area walkable? Can guests go explore on their own safely? Are there eateries nearby that are quaint in their own right (since we only serve breakfast)? Are the grounds an oasis of their own?

How much work is needed to restore or renovate the home is a close second in this decision making process, but location is probably even more important than that in my opinion.

So today we looked at a huge 5 bedroom, 3 bath 1860’s home in the downtown area. It had great “bones.” It is big enough, but it has no yard to speak of. It has character. It’s affordable. And even though the area is “up and coming,” it isn’t coming up fast enough to make this location a good choice.

So we keep looking. Fortunately, there’s lots to choose from here.



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