Tea Time

china in sugarloaf

I love vintage china, and when I think about serving breakfast to guests in our B&B as well Sunday afternoon tea, I want it to be special. I do have my own china, but it’s only service for 4, so that just won’t do. Last weekend during our meandering through the Sugarloaf Fall Festival, there was an estate sale. A familiar rose pattern caught my eye in an overfilled box in the corner. For $20 I bought this vintage 8-piece, 10 place settings of Royal China in Beverly Rose from 1936.

Now I love roses. In fact, I plant a new rose bush every year in honor of my mother, who loved yellow roses. My grandmother had a wonderful side yard rose garden and she loved roses too. In fact, her name was Rose. When I came home I couldn’t shake the peace-filled familiarity of this china pattern. When I looked into my china cabinet, I realized why. It’s the same pattern of my grandmother’s china, from whom I only have 2 pieces.

Home, hearth, and hospitality – that’s what this china pattern conveys. One more part of the B&B preparation. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

china in sugarloaf pattern
Royal China Beverly Rose from estate sale
grandma's pattern
Keystone Cannonsburgh pottery LaJean pattern-grandma’s china pattern

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