When What You Need Turns into Exactly What You Want

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We have an accepted offer on a house. But that’s not the story here.

After months of scouring our area for just the right property, we were faced with a dwindling supply in our must-have location. And you know what they say – it’s all about location, location, location.

In our case, the location had to be close to campus (where I work), close to the Hudson River, close to amenities you could walk to, not in a scary neighborhood (although many of those lovely turn of the century homes are in those neighborhoods), and closer to the train Chip takes to Manhattan every day for work. Oh, and it had to be affordable.

What we found was not my first choice. We were outbid on my dream home. We were outbid on my second choice dream home. We couldn’t afford the taxes on my third choice dream home.

Did we settle? It appears we have. But when you shoot for the stars and miss, at least you’ve landed on the moon.

This house is big enough. This house is low maintenance (well, after we do some remodeling). This house is affordable (although I am still floored about how high taxes are here). This house is in the perfect location. And what did I just say about location?

We still have a variety of hoops to jump through before this is truly our home. Next week’s home inspection may make us want to call the whole thing off. I hope not because I’ve realized that this house is exactly what we need. I realize now that it also exactly what we want.

We’ll be ready to share pictures and progress after we officially close. But until then I will keep posting pictures to my private Pinterest page for this dream.